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Did you see Komal at the Cannes Film Festival walking the red carpet! Ahhhh! She looked like such a goddess! Check out all the photos from Cannes here, and stay tuned for the link to her panel on women game changers in media hosted by HP coming soon!

“As I sat in the Grand Théâtre Lumière in Cannes, it dawned on me that I do not even know the limit of our dreams and capabilities. This was the theatre that premiered some of the greatest films of all time. So many dreams came true in this space, so many emotions shared. Cannes taught me to keep dreaming, and to keep crushing.” – Komal

If you are following us on Instagram you will know last month had the absolute pleasure of attending the TEDWomen conference. Words can’t really describe the girl power that TED brings to the table- being in a room with some of the world’s most influential women was really humbling and motivating. The power of women supporting women is so transformative and so on at this conference!

We were invited to the conference by TED + Clinique. These two awesome brands have teamed up to promote and showcase women’s stories and they love and support our mission to empower girls! They had a gorgeous dinner for us during the conference and we have some more surprises coming your way regarding the partnership later this month. In the meantime check out our album of photos from the TEDWomen conference here.

In other exciting news we are really hyped to announce that we are partnering with the amazing women at Mighty Oak to produce the introduction of the film. Per my mom’s suggestion I have decided to share my personal story in the film. What started as a tiny idea has blossomed into such an amazing and life changing movement.

“Erin and I were ‘matched up’ at a networking event for starting female founders last year, and I’ll have to call it kismet. She told me then of her idea for a documentary about inspiring female entrepreneurs, and even though it was still in its infancy, I could see she had the drive and passion to make it happen.

Emily and I were fans of Dream, Girl from the get-go. We invited her crew to film various events that we held for female entrepreneurs, hoping to support the Kickstarter campaign and join the movement. We knew she would reach her goal, but could never have imagined how much support would rally behind the film. It was just overwhelming to watch as friends on the sidelines!

So when we got the call to animate Erin’s story for the film, it didn’t take long to give an answer. It is an absolute honor to be invited to join the Dream, Girl team and share the journey that brought Dream, Girl to life.” – Jess Peterson | Mighty Oak

I feel so privileged to be a part of this journey and am so excited to share my story with the talented women (Jess and Emily) from Mighty Oak. Their stop motion animation expertise will give our story a playful and organic touch with tons of heart. I can’t think of a more perfect pair to work with! Check out all the behind the scenes photos of working with Jess & Emily from Mighty Oak here!



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by ErinErin Bagwell