Your Moment of Ambition

YMOA is a new web series featuring footage from Dream, Girl that was too good to leave on the cutting room floor. This series explores the issues that matter to female leaders and their allies right now. Whether you’re daydreaming about growing your side hustle or taking tangible steps to start your own business, you’ll come away from YMOA feeling inspired, uplifted and ready to conquer.


Your Moment of Ambition was produced by:

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Video production by Erin Bagwell (Director), Mary Perrino (Director of Photography), Victoria Ng (Camera Operator), Francesca Kustra (Camera Operator), Sharon Mashihi (Sound), and Daisy Zhou (Lighting). 

Video editing by Victoria Ng, Erin Bagwell, and Diana Matthews. 

Music by Sal Mastrocola. 

Articles written by Kylie Kendall and Komal Minhas.

Your Moment of Ambition video editing sponsored in-part by our friends at Adobe.