We know the names of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Mark Zuckerberg. But what about the female entrepreneurs? What’s their story?

From brand new startups to million dollar industries, it’s time we stop telling girls they can be anything they want to be and show them what it means to be a leader.

Dream, Girl premiered in May 2016 at the White House and is available now on YouTube.





Film Reviews

"As an entrepreneur for 15 years, Dream, Girl, it's the best film I have ever seen about the subject. It shows clearly the challenges, specially as a woman entrepreneur, and in spite of that rough reality, it leaves you inspired." 
- Diana Franco, Founder of CoreWoman


"Dream, Girl proves that you don't need to have dropped out of an Ivy League school and wear a hoodie to be a entrepreneur. Successful women entrepreneurs are everywhere. Regular women, like you and I, can do it and are doing it. Dream, Girl will inspire the next generation of female founders." 
- Geri Stengel, Founder of Ventureneer


"I don't even know if I can accurately express how much Dream, Girl inspired me. This film ignited a fire in me that I didn't even know was there and I am so proud of the kickass women highlighted in the film. I laughed, I shed a few tears, and I felt like my heart was going to burst at the seams." 
- Sarah S, Champlain College



our story

TED + Clinique came together to share the #smartideas of 3 inspiring women. hear our director erin’s story.



a note from erin

the creator and director of dream, girl


After being sexually harassed at my 9 to 5 I started a feminist storytelling blog called Feminist Wednesday where we showcase the stories of female artists, activist, and founders.

While being marginalized at my day job I was inspired by the stories of women who had quit their jobs, built their own businesses, and were building their own company culture. Their courage awoke something inside of me.

And then it hit me- if surrounding myself with incredible women's stories changed the way I saw myself, maybe a film about them would inspire other people.

So I put together a Kickstarter campaign in the Summer of 2014 and thanks to lots of coffee, networking events, and the help of Marie Forleo's community I raised over $100K in 30 days to produce Dream, Girl.

13921007_10153568545186403_3051993935572050533_n (1).jpg

Then things got really crazy.

Over the last fours years I hired an all female crew, met my production partner Komal Minhas, interviewed over a dozen entrepreneurs, pitched my first angel investor, edited my first feature length documentary and in May of 2016 we premiered Dream, Girl at the White House.

Since our first year of releasing the film Dream, Girl has been seen at over 250 community screening events in over 40 different countries and Komal and I were hand selected to be part of Oprah's SuperSoul100- a list featuring extraordinary individuals that live life intentionally, create great social impact, and bring inspiration to others.

Creating this film, and being able to connect with our community has been an absolutely incredible journey and my team can't wait to keep creating new content and films for you.

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meet our all-woman crew

Get to know Erin, Mary, Victoria, Francesca,
Sharon and Daisy - Dream, Girl's all female crew.




Dream, Girl World Premiere

Following our private screening at the White House Dream, Girl's producers Erin Bagwell & Komal Minhas hosted an incredible world premiere of the film at the iconic Paris Theater in New York City followed by an after party at the Hotel on Rivington.



At the tail end of 2016 Dream, Girl producers Komal Minhas and Erin Bagwell reflect on a year that not only launched their first feature-length film, but brought together a community of female entrepreneurs that sparked a movement.

From meeting through Kickstarter to touring with the documentary across North America, they chat about the tremendous ups (and downs!) of the Dream, Girl journey and share their dreams for the year ahead.



To celebrate Dream, Girl’s 1 year anniversary we asked fans around the world what the film means to them. Over the past year the film has been hosted at 250 screening events in over 40 different countries.

See why Dream, Girl is inspiring women globally in our brand new fan video. Interested in bringing the film to your community? Click here to learn more!


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meet the women in the film