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Being a creative entrepreneur is one of the most complicated labels you can give yourself. On one hand- you pour your heart and soul into the work you are doing which makes you vulnerable and emotionally exposed to your audience. On the other hand, being an entrepreneur means you can’t take no for an answer and you have to be fearless going after your goals. But how can you be both vulnerable and fearless at the same time?

How can we keep our identity as the artist, but build up the confidence it takes in order to bring our work it into the world?

Creative Money is a 70 page e-book I wrote to help you 'Sell Like an Artist'.

In order to step into the unknown of the sales world we need to re-write the narrative, dive into the discomfort money brings, and do the work to build yourself a new set of skills and sales tools.

In Creative Money I share with you:

- How to authentically tell your brand’s story
- How to de-tangle yourself from the creative
- Why you should treat the creative like a member of the team and how
- Creating a salespersona to unleash your inner sales maven
- What to do when someone doesn’t want to pay for your work
- How to price your work plus how to identify your audience vs. your customer
- Understanding your customers needs and the problem your business is solving
- Where to find your customers
- Building out your website’s sales page
- What to do about discounts
- Understanding and anticipating seasonal sales
- Creating a sales routine
- How to stalk people on your press dream board and get great PR
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This past year my team has sold over 240+ Dream, Girl screening licenses globally. And while I’m so proud of what we’ve accomplished as a team, working on sales continues to be the most challenging part of my job. There are so many weird emails, wacky situations, and honestly uncomfortable conversations I’ve had to have with people who just don’t see the value of the work we are doing.

I would have given anything to have had some creative guidance during our sales process, which is why I knew I had to sit down, type it out, and share what I’ve learned with you.

You can buy Creative Money now on my website for just $18. And because my heart is breaking for all our friends in Houston I’m donating 50% of our proceeds this week to the Texas Diaper Bank.

Special thanks to Diana Matthews, Sal Mastrocola, and the Dream, Girl Facebook group for helping me shape this idea and giving me the confidence to bring it to life. I can’t wait for you to read it!



PS- Not ready to buy yet? Check out our free chapter 'Selling Your Soul' here.

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by ErinErin Bagwell