The Dream, Girl Tour Has Begun



The fall is here and our team is LOVING the energy and bustle of this new season. Sweaters are out, warm cinnamon apple drinks are being poured, and screenings events are popping up all over the world.

Since our premiere June 9th, Dream, Girl has booked 102 events to date!

Our team (Diana, Kylie, Komal and I) have been working so hard to make sure this film is seen by audiences globally. Want to learn more about our pivot from production to distribution company? Click here!

While in Buffalo I did the "wiggalo" with my old high school. 

On our tour in September, Komal and I had the absolute joy of showing Dream, Girlto my hometown of Buffalo, NY! We did screenings at University of Buffalo, Daemen College, The Buffalo Academy of Sacred Heart, and Canisius College. We were even on the local news!

One screening that particularly tugged at my heartstrings was when Komal and I screened the film to over 500 girls at my all-girls high school, Sacred Heart. It was there that I found my passion and started making movies when I was 16 years old. So to be able to return to those halls and share the film with that community was a dream I didn’t even realize had come true.

Komal and I snuck onto campus before the screening started and the girls didn’t know we were there. Then at the end of the film we stood in the back of the auditorium (where I showed my first short film twelve years ago) and we were spotted by a couple of students. All of a sudden the auditorium burst into energy, and the girls were all staring our way. Komal and I felt like celebrities and were welcomed with a warmth and girl-power ignited energy unlike anything we have experienced on this journey. It was awesome.

Even though we have been working on this film for over two years, it feels like our journey in a lot of ways is just beginning. It’s been fascinating to watch the film come alive within the meaningful and authentic conversations of our audiences. Komal and I are so excited to continue not only sharing the film with you, but our story as well. We will be touring on and off this and next year to talk about our what it was like to produce a feminist film, and our dreams for future films.

Our next stop is Komal’s hometown Ottawa, Canada (Nov 1st and 2nd), Waterloo (Nov 4th), and Toronto (Nov 7th)! Get your tickets to all the Dream, Girl Canada events here!



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by ErinErin Bagwell