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our kickstarter raised

$100K in 30 days

Photo: Erin introduces the Dream, Girl Kickstarter video at their launch party hosted by NY Tech Meetup & Control Group.

Photo: Erin introduces the Dream, Girl Kickstarter video at their launch party hosted by NY Tech Meetup & Control Group.

On August 6th, 2014 Erin Bagwell launched a Kickstarter Campaign to fund Dream, Girl

In 30 days not only did we make our goal, we doubled it raising over $104,157 to produce the film. 

Check out the amazing folks below that supported the Dream, Girl documentary campaign via Kickstarter.



Meet our backers



For over 20 years, Grace Killelea has been keenly focused on developing, supporting, mentoring, coaching, and connecting women. An accomplished human resource and talent executive, she retired as an SVP from a Fortune 50 company. She founded Half The Sky, a leadership development program for high potential women in 2013 and the program now has over 200 graduates. Grace is a sought after keynote speaker and thought leader in the leadership space and her book The Confidence Effect will be published this Fall. She has created an outstanding network of women at every level and in diverse industries that support and promote women’s advancement and achievement


Kickstarter producers:


all 1,904 backers:

Angela Tarrant


Aaron Suggs

Abbey Pasquini

Abbey Ryan, Ryan Studio: A Painting a Day blog

Abby Covert,

Abigail Hepworth

Achintya Devi, Goddess Rising Sisterhood

Adam Maynard

Adriane R Wiltse, Jewelry Designer

Adrienne Clements, Ignite Adventures Coaching


Aimee Jackson Hall

Akonni Family

Alana Sheeren

Alaya Morning

Aleksandra Corwin

Alessandra Fryzel

Alexandra Barcala

Alexandra Diracles, Vidcode

Alexandra Saavedra

Alexandra Santiago, Renaissance Swag

Alexandria Harvey, The Light Fairy

Alexandria Sullivan-Alterio

Alexis Ohanian, reddit

Alice L Hahn

Alice Zam

Alicia Nuzzie

Alicia Ostarello, Copy Muse

Alina Mihaela Molnar

Alison Chace, Founder Pink Wisdom

Alison Dinerstein, Twist Your Spirits

Alison Hall

Allie Hartwick – Proud Feminist

Allison Davis, Allison Davis Coaching

Allison Fleece, WHOA travel

Allison Raygor

Ally Davis

Ally Downey, founder of

Ally McMurtry, Goddess of the House

Althea Champagnie

Alysha Main, Southern Harmony Music

Alyssa Carducci

Alyssa Irene

Alyssa Rimmer, Simply Quinoa

Amanda B. Johnson,

Amanda Burnette, Soul Svadhyaya

Amanda Conrad

Amanda Costigan

Amanda Davis, Founder ALDavis Enterprises

Amanda Densten, Graphic Designer & Yogini

Amanda Eller

Amanda Goetz, Availendar

Amanda Graham, Chic for Charity,

Amanda Laden, Refill Your Soul

Amanda Lannert, Jellyvision

Amanda Parker,

Amanda Renee Poole

Amanda Sandahl

Amanda Upton, Putney Moves

Amber Kane, Amber Kane Scarves

Amber McAden

Amber Nevens

Amber Shannon Barbosa

Ami Howes

Amie Wilde, A WILDE CO.

Amira Alvarez, Business Mentor and Strategist

Amity Cooper, golden cacao

Amreta Sidik,

Amrita Dixit

Amy Auset Rohn

Amy Aversa

Amy G. Juarez

Amy Landers, Dragonfly Interpretive

Amy Richardson, Little Hip Squeaks

Amy Schaffer

Amy Springer

Amy Starr Allen, Abundance Resources Inc

Amélie Vallières-Dumais, Lili Vallée

Ana Milicevic

Anahi Brown

Ananas Guinness

Anca Cristina Petre

Andrea Bouch, FEW (Female Entrepreneurs of the World)

Andrea D. Boozer

Andrea J. Burns

Andrea Matura

Andrea Olson, Go Diaper Free and Tiny Undies

Andrea Ramos Moore, I Love My GFF

Andye Murphy, Rock ‘n Roll Shaman

Ane Eline Herlyng

Anfernee Chansamooth, Confidentpreneur

Angela Aguirre

Angela Murray, Living Life In Colour

Angela Peters @angiepang, writes Acting B.A.B.E. blog and World Acting Summit founder

Angela Stavropoulos

Angela Wehrle

Angelika Rohl

Angie Spiteri

Anissa Elfakir

Anita Brey, #LadyBoss @


Ann Kartchner

Ann Ross, Leader: Girl Scout Troop 70347 Fairview Park, OH

Anna Brady

Anna Diekert, YouPro-Coaching

Anna Gromadzka

Anna Klimczuk

Anna Slaughter

Anna Waxwing…

Annabelle Gasquez

Annaliese Furnas

Anne Cho, Anne Cho Inc.

Anne Elizabeth Moss

Anne Olivier, Transformation

Anne Park

Anne Robie

Annette Griffiths

Annette Varoli

Annie and Katie Olson

Annie Boehm

Annie Neimand, sociologist and social change communicator.

Annie Von Essen, Vessel Consulting

Annie Wang, Senvol








April Song

Ari Jacoby & Kayle Becker

Arielle Baker

Arielle Nóbile, Legacy Connections Films

Arlene DeLuca, Canada

Arlene Vasquez,

Arno Lambreghts

Artemis Stigka, The Radical Creative.

Ashanti Ruffin, YHWH Tutoring and Assistance

Ashlee Moser

Ashley & Peter Hopkins

Ashley Hufford, UnderTheAshTree.Com

Ashley Lurcott

Ashley Stachura

Asia Voight

Athena Pearl Riley

Audrey Leprince, The Game Bakers

Aurora Grace

Avery Taylor

Babs Bak-Huibrechtse

Barbara J. Irwin, PhD

Barbara Murray

Barbara Schwartz

Barbara Stoehr

Barbara Zuazua, b.z. threads

Bea Abella – BeaInspiredLife

Bec Mutch, The Cowork Collective

Becky Arreaga, Mercury Mambo

Becky Masik

Becky Robinson; Boulder, CO

Belinda Noakes, tinybrave

Belinda Taranaki, B.L.A.K Tweens

Ben & Melissa Kartzman

Ben Geldreich


Beth Reeves,

Bethany Ayers

Bethany K Springer, M.Ed.

Bethany McMillan

Bette Hochberger, CPA, CGMA

Bev Sanders, Las Olas Surf Safaris for Women

Beverly fonk

Bianca Gignac, Travel Beautifully Media Inc.

Bill Stewart, Voxel4D

Blake Ashley Freedom,

Blas Nutrition

Bob Bland, CEO/Founder of Manufacture New York

Bob Stromberg

Bobbie Jo Hunter

Bobby Cummings

Body By Sandy

Bonnie Kline Smeltzer

Bonnie L. Rowe

Bonnie Yelverton, HS physics

Brandy Mertes

Brandy Middleton, Life Coach (

Breanna Newhouse

Brellyn Ellenberger, Vintage Concord

Brenda Darrah

Brenda Florida, Live Lavishly Coaching

Brenda M. McCool, ND

Brett Blumenthal, Sheer Balance and Tiny Toes Design

Brian Bargiel, Olivia & Ruby’s Dad

Brian White

Briana Borten, The Dragontree

Brianna Roberts

Bridget Carle

Brissa Hanzel

Brit McSheffery

Brita Jackson, Arquette & Associates

Britney Roque

Brittany Hazeldine,

Brittany Santuccio

Brittany Sullivan

Brittney Carmichael, OMGhairstyles & Cursive Photography

Brooke Roberts, Yoga Travel Tree

Brooke Surtees

Bryan Link, father of Emma

Bryn Cook

Brynn Weinstein, Feminist Dialogue

Busi Buthelezi, Stock Market for Beginners School

Caitlin Blaisdell

Caitlin McEldrew

Caley Burke, Rocket Scientist

Calvin Liu, Outpour

Camden Watts, Latta Films


Cara Greene Epstein, Hold for Plane Productions

Carina Gräsbeck, Finland

Carisa Montooth, Carisa Montooth Consulting

Carissa Hill, Destiny Designers.

Carissa Sahli

Carla Golden

Carlee Modra –

Carly Chase

Carly Clark, LMT

Carly Howard

Carmella S. Whitehead, MS, LMFT

Carmen Rider, Spain for Real

Carmi Eve Schafrath

Caro Griffin

Carol A. Curley

Carol Cox

Carol Gunby

Carol Schulte, Spark your G.E.N.I.U.S.

Carol Sloan, Carol Sloan Studios

Caroline Cole

Caroline Luu

Caroline M. Harper

Caroline McAuliffe, goldpennyloafer

Caroline Mikolajczyk, Caroline Macaron

Carolyn K.

Carrie Ann Smith- Building a brand #getMADE

Carrie B.

Cary Zimmerman

Casey Dugas, Simple Travel Life

Casilda Zackhariyas

Cassandra Tondro

Catherine Balboni

Catherine Schulte

Cathy Catlin

Celest Horton

Chandra Jessee

Charlotte Marie Grout, Peep&co

Charlyn Keating, Charlyn Keating Media LLC

Chef Alisa McPheron, Fat Cat Diner &

Chef Emily Peterson, host of Sharp & Hot on Heritage Radio Network

Chelsea Keena

Chelsea Strachan

Chelsea Wagner

Cherise Luter, Remain Curious Media

Cherrie Dye – Jacksonville, FL

Cheryl Jones

Cheryl Wheeler at

Chris Cook Phelps, CP Sign Communications

Chris Fry

Chris Kaiser

Chris Kramer, CHHC, AADP, Health Coach and Weight Loss Specialist

Chris Langford

Chris Mastrocola

Chris Protopapas

Chris Williams

Chris Wolfe

Christelle Jerome, happy supporter!

Christen Barbercheck

Christina Bryza, breathing all the time

Christina Emmer

Christina Hatgis, Mala Yoga

Christina Holm Dahl, Voiceproduction

Christina Joy – The Last Glue

Christine Conforti, Power Coach

Christine Courtelis

Christine Desrochers

Christine E. Leon-Leland, Inspire 5 Action Coaching

Christine Gallagher Kearney

Christine Hung

Christine LeClear, Costume and Fashion Designer

Christine McPhee

Christy Purington

Chrys Ghiraldini

Cindy Eagar

Cindy Umanzor

claire dibble

Claire Pelletreau, Marketing Consultant

Clare Barry,

Claudia and Patrizia Corriero, the Corriero sisters

Claudia Frey, PsychologicalBackup

Claudia Valentine

Clementine Willowilde, Errand Tiger

Coach. Writer. Speaker. Creator of

Coco Bell, actress

Colleen Foley,

Colleen Forness

“Colonel Debra M. Lewis, US Army (Ret.)

President & CEO, Sunrise Aloha LLC”

Corina Walsh, Nyah Collective

Corinna Vigier

Corinne Elizabeth Earle

Cory Maclay, Maclay Consulting

Courtney Stuckwisch

Creator, Aromatic Traditions

Crissy Fetcher

Crista Cloutier, The Working Artist

Cristina Carrillo

Cristina Gair

Cristina Gutiérrez, Risk To Risk

Crystal Vaughn

Crystal Vilkaitis,

Cyndi Stivers

Cynthia Hutson

Cynthia Imhof

Céline Mayeu

D’Arcy Benincosa, Flying Girl Films

Dalia Kinsey, Eating Beautiful

Dan Hill,

Dan Mendes

Dana Hawkins, Senior Executive Realtor, Lyon Real Estate

Daniel Byrne

Daniel Hayes

Danielle Bordenave,

Danielle Flitter, Green Eyes Food

Danielle H. Acee, The Authors’ Assistant

Danielle Holschuh, Swoon Gems – Austin, TX

Danielle Kish – Sixteen50°

Danielle Marshak

Dannie Phan, Donegee Media

Daphne Hsu, Madame Moon

Daphne Newman Design, Veils & Pretty Things

Darci F

Dave Hauenstein

David Kaneda

Dawn Martin

Dawn New-Echlin

Dawn Shepard

Dawnita Hunsberger, Messy Excellence

Deana Ward //

Deanna L. Robinson, Life Impact Institute

Deb McGranaghan

Deb Perkins

Debbie Peterson, Getting To Clarity

Debbie Sipowicz, Creatively Empowered

Deborah Jensen, D+J Designworks

Deborah Watson-Novacek, Creativity For Life

Deborah, Believer of Dreams

Debra Pascali Bonaro, Pain to Power Childbirth Classes

Deepak Soowamber

Deirdre Van Nest

Dejana Williams, The Ayahuasca Portal

Demetrius Bagley, Vegucated

Dheeraj Sanka

Diana Cohen

Diana David

Diana Lovett, Cissé Trading Company

Diana M Conley

Diana Obester |

Diane Caslow

Diane Castro

Diane Rakocy – Diane Rakocy Fine Art Studios

Dianna Pozdniakov, founder and designer SofiaFima

Dina Anggraeni, Beyond Indonesia

Diogo Brevileri

Ditte Ejersbo Eden

domenica – domenica comfort photographs

Dorota Romanek

Doug Fisher

Dr Annie Lim, WEWorld Network

Dr Sweta, Make Your World Bigger

Dr. Danielle Dowling

Dr. Sandra L. Doman, Miami Sports Chiropractic & Yoga Center

Dr.Vee, Manga Big Bang

Dwayne Crooks, Software Craftsman

Eden McCarthy

Edris Thomas, Franchise Operator

Eileen Serra

Eileen Shiels

EJ Ogenyi, Lifestyle Coach and Founder of [TEAM] by EJ Ogenyi

Elisabeth Prueitt, TARTINE Bakery

Elise Blaha Cripe, ELISE JOY

Elisha Lowe RN, Cosmetic Surgery Aftercare Services

Elissa Federoff

Elizabeth Campbell

Elizabeth Caven, UpCraft Club

Elizabeth Cayen, KN Holistic Nutrition

Elizabeth Helsley

Elizabeth Karas, Karas / Lawrence

Elizabeth Locey, PhD

Elizabeth Mastrocola

Elizabeth Ostler, Life’s Echoes Creativity Coaching


Elle Callanan, Elle Home

Ellen König

Ellen Stebbins and Marcie Jacobs, StoryClub Games

Ellie Saldaña

Elsa I Castro, MD

Elva Li

Emily Capuria, Balance & Thrive

Emily Cauble, hinchmun

Emily Polcari

Emily Riggs, The Gratitude Journals

Emily Rose

Emma Bannenberg

Emma Tangoren

Emma Teitel, Awakening the Depth of Women’s Brilliance

Emmy Graham

Erel Pilo

Erica Dean Glenn

Erica K. King, Lavishly Natural

Eridania Garcia

Erika Butler, REALdoPRO

Erin Beier

Erin Fitzsimons

Erin Hale

Erin Kienzle

Erin Kilburg

Erin Waterman

Erin’s Mom

Erin, you rock! Uncle Joe

Ernestine (Ernie) Aquino

Estella Madison

Eulani Labay

Eva Janzen Powell & Smith T. Powell IV

Eva Sabova

Faith de Coeur

Felicia Ricci

Felicity Ford

Fiona Humphrey

Flower Flowerpot

Founder , Runway Consulting

Founder – MyHeartApp

Founder AVConnexions Premier Matchmakers

Francesca Garibaldi

Franka Baly,

Frea O’Brien

Fred Wilson, AVC

Fredd Kambo

Gabby Garnett

Gabrielle Giordano

Gail Whiffen Coyle

Garth Anesbury

Georgina Richardson, Maggie Marguerite Studios

Geri McHam, Estate Planning Source LLC

Gina Su, Life Coach at Gina Heart Lifestyle

Gina Vitale Syrja, Fair Portia Jewelry

Ginger-Vee, Champ de Fleurs

Ginny Campbell, Orkid Toys LLC

Global Community Capacity Builder

Grace Killelea

Grace McPhillips, Sterling Rock Productions

Greer Wignall, Founder, Fearless Life – Personal and Corporate Coaching, London.

Greg Gibaldi, Burlap Manor Sound

Grellyn A. Paoad

Gry Sinding

Gwendolyne DiLapi

Hadassah Hickman, Lemonade Girls

Hadley Gustin, Come As You Are Evolution

Halelly Azulay, TalentGrow LLC

Halina Kwiatkowska, Parsley, Sage & Thyme Health Store

Hampus Jakobsson, @hajak

Hanna Look

Hannah Mellion

Harmony Hansen

Havey Productions

Heather Allard

Heather Filipowicz, Sassy Inspiration

Heather Hingston

Heather Jenkinson, Interior Designer

Heather Kenyon Strauss

Heather Mitchell, Zenplify

Heather Norris, Heather Norris Photography

Heather Rene’ Wilson, Inner Enthusiasm

Heather Ryan, feminist and boss in training

Heather Thraen

Heather Yurko creator of Neatbeat and The Heather Yurko Brand

Heidi DeCoux with

Heidi Freier, Balanced, Relaxed and Healthy

Heidi S

Heike Delmore, Delmore Photography

Helen Scott’s

Helenah Swedberg

Helvi Mogritz, Networker

Hilary Hendershott, Hilary Hendershott Financial

Hilary Mason, Fast Forward Labs

Hilary Rushford, Dean Street Society

Hillary Solomon, Aligned to Prosper, LLC

HP Preston

Hunter Haines, People Leading People

Hélène Scott, Brand + Business Catalyst for Daring Female Solopreneurs

Ida Barrie

Iffath Lotallah, juji buji

Iliana I. Ignatova

Ina Herlihy

Ines Teles, Founders & Coders

Irasema Romero, Mexican Storyteller

Iris Garcia

Isabel Barjaktarevic, Holistic Travelista



Jackie Johnstone,

Jacolyn Moreau

Jacqueline du Plessis, Get Gumption

Jacqueline Gates, Goddess

Jacqueline Jensen

Jacqueline L. Ebanks, The Heart Health Centre

Jacqueline Smith –

Jacqueline Stahl

Jacquelyn B. Fletcher is the founder of Gold House Press: Books and Gifts to Evolve the Human Spirit. She’s an award-winning speaker and author of multiple books including Dear You: Messages From Your Heart. And she hosts the television show Healing Words for Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn.

Jacqui Heng, Herlifts Fitness

Jade Cairney


Jaime Greenberg

Jainé M. Kershner

Jalisa Cunningham

James McQuilling

James Turnbull

Jamie Mittleman

Jamie Rautenberg, The Daily Infusion

Jan Haworth,

Jane Chung

Jane Condon

Jane Darbyshire, Khmer Creations

Jane Klatte Easler

Jane Lorenz

Janelle Malak

Janna Goodwille, Singer-songwriter & Choir leader

Jason P. Schumacher,

Jaxx Sheard

Jean Compton


Jeanine Gleaves Interactive

Jeanna Kadlec, Bluestockings Boutique

Jeanne Strom

Jeannette Marie Daum

Jeannine Lyons

Jemma Rane, Jemma

Jen Bekman, 20×200

Jen Mozen

Jen Plaveck

Jena Jauchius, Art + Environment, LLC

Jenean Zunk, Owning Your Awesome

Jenn Rykert, Singer/Songwriter

Jenna Edwards, The For a Day Foundation

Jennette Ginsburg, Hey Now Hooping

Jenni Prokopy, ChronicBabe

Jennifer Cho Kain, community member, artist, teacher, healer

Jennifer Cochran, Fitness Design Solutions, LLC

Jennifer D. Armstrong, Esq.

Jennifer Gallucci

Jennifer Geyer

Jennifer Lake

Jennifer Langkjaer, The American Schoolhouse

Jennifer M. McKinley

Jennifer Martinez

Jennifer Nash

Jennifer R. Lee

Jennifer Rossini, Comedian

Jennifer Tress, You’re Not Pretty Enough

Jennifer Wilson, Simple Scrapper

Jennilyn Carson, YogaDork/SaltedScarletry/TASCbar

Jenny Lefcourt

Jenny Maddern , Snappy Casual Consulting

Jenny Murray

Jenny Smith, principal, Acuity Public Relations LLC

Jeremy Diamond

Jerri Lynn Hogg

Jess Dale

Jess Peterson, Mighty Oak and HATCH

Jesse Resnick

Jessica Anderson

Jessica Cole

Jessica Ferguson, Signature piecez

Jessica Kosanovich

Jessica Mutuku,

Jessica Patch Studios

Jessica Rea, Jessica Rea Design

Jessica Sharpenstein, Sharpenstein Health Coaching, LLC

Jessie Artigue, Style & Pepper / Pepperologie

JFlay Butler

Jill B Denson, YourSpaBoutique

Jill Enos

Jillian Benbow, Sweaty Mom Fitness

Jillian R. Roth, Mama J. Love Coaching + Consulting

Jini Patel Thompson, Listen To Your Freedom

Jo Grobbelaar – This Great Life

Joana Galvao, Joana Galvao Design

Joana Santos, astronomer

Joanne Wilson, Gotham Gal

Joe Gstettner

Joe McLean

Joe Wood/ Build A Balloon

John Garvens, Garvens Media

John Kidenda

Johnny Laslo

Jon Svenonius, father of Kerstin & Miranda

Jonas Frid

Jonathan Chu

JonElle Lemon Scott

Jordan Macbeth, Creator & Cosmic Consultant of Be Yoga World, Cosmic Consciousness

Josette Williams Interactive Media Strategist

Josh Chavez

Josh Long, Patterns

Josh Maher –

Joshua Ferdinand

Joshua Trojak, Esq.

Joy Leonard, Finer Living Concierge

Joy Liu, NYC Lady Project

Joy S

Joy Stroud

JR Allen

Jude McCormick,

Judy Kao,

Judy White, Nurse Leader

Jules Butler

Juli Andrada,

Juli Gauthier,

Julia Arruda

Julia Griffin

Julia Kuczmarski

Julia Wojnar, Founder of Unleash Your Presence

Juliana Alonso, Violeta Roots

Juliana Ardila, Prana Credit Solutions

Julie Ann Wood, Author of More Than a Lemonade Stand

Julie Dreese

Julie Johnson,

Julie Lubbers, Sisters 2 Photography

Julie Reisler, Empowered Living (

Julie Smith, She Wears A Dress

Julie Sygiel, Dear Kate

Julie Sylvestre

Julie Taylor

Julie Tremblay-Potvin, Les inspirés

Julie Wolpers

Justin Brown, Ideapod

Justin Jones

Justin McSharry


K.M. Tremills, Author and Speaker

Kadee “Kadence“ Clark, Kreative Kadence

Kadie Ward, Build Strong Cities

Kaiulani Kimbrell, A New Awareness



Kara Silverman, Small Girls PR

Kara-Anne Cheng, The Petite Co.


Karen Blanchard – Fit Girl Brands

Karen Bruno Giannakopoulos, Cups and Kali Design

Karen Burcombe Vogel

Karen Kenney

Karen Landriau, Holistic Health Strategist

Karen Radtke, Culture & Leadership Coach

Karen Sagun

Kari Messenger

Karin Raffa, My Germanology

Karina Clappison, Karina’s Holistic Nutrition

Karla Trotman

Kat Alexander, Report It , Girl

Kat Bern, Dream Home Creator at

Kat Halushka, 365 Marketing

Kat Jenkins, Multitude Crowdfunding Specialists

Kate Dimpfl, Holistic Childbirth

Kate Harvie, Manufactured Drama

Kate Mandel

Kate McMahon

Kate Northrup,

Kate Wilkinson

Katherin Burnett, Paper Moon Photo Booth

Katherine Rausch

Kathleen Coles

Kathleen D Parker

Kathleen Lynch, Law Office of Kathleen Lynch PLLC

Kathleen Minogue Keagy – PrimeImpulse

Kathleen Mullaney

Kathleen Saelens –

Kathleen Thompson, Kathleen Thompson International

Kathryn Genereux, Inspire Hair Design

Kathryn Stensby

Kathy Kawalec

Kathy Sacks, Fearless Ventures

Kathy Shiels Tully

Katie and David Killmore

Katie Archbold Andrs

Katie Byrnes

Katie Cashman, Psychic Medium

Katie Corcoran, Lady Hustler, Author of She Makes It Work & Brand Identity Coach

Katie Geddes, Spiritual Business Designer,

Katie Gertsch

Katie Mac

Katie Titi, IndD Interiors

Katja Maass, Lalanova

Katrina Holden, Kat Holden Wellness coaching

Katrina Simeck

Kay Yara

Kayla Hamelin

Kearson Farishon, Big Dreamer

Keep on rocking, Erin! So proud of you.

Kelli Berezin

Kelli Martinelli, Mamoré Communications

Kelli Perkins, women’s strengthen nation.

Kellie Klos

Kelly Harms

Kelly Lamb

Kelly McManus,

Kelly Mueller,entrepreneur, business owner ;Scarlet Poppy Interiors,

Kelly Peterson

Kelly Phillips Parker

Kelly Torres | Brooklyn, EAT your heart out!

Kelsi Kitchen

Kelsie Kerr, Standard Fare

Kerri Crosby, proud Dream Girl Supporter!

Kerry Fitzgibbons

Kerry Lyons, Founder of Kerry Lyons Co.

Kevin J. Shannon

Kevin Sampson, Picture Lock


Kezia Carter, Kezia Carter Studio

Kieran Lindsey, PhD, Next-Door Nature

Kiersten Mitchell

Kiffanie Stahle, the artist’s J.D.

Kim Davies, Girls Rock Yoga

Kim Lambert, Dreamstone Publishing (

Kim Siegrist

Kimberlee Cantwell of Gracefully Girly

Kimi Sokhi, Anona Nutrition

Kirk Love, Peggsite

Kirsten La Greca, Initialed Monogram Bar

Kirstin Sharon Troeger, White Mint Coaching

Kiya Knight, WEightless Worldwide

Kiya Tomlin, Uptown Sweats by Kiya Tomlin

KMW, Atlantic Transmission Productions


Kris Adams | French Woman Camping

Kris Rowse, TrustLoveConnection

Krisiey Salsa, Apple of My Eye Photography

Krista Sanford, Krista Sanford Consulting

Kristen Howie & Family

Kristen Kolakowski

Kristen M. Battistelli

Kristen Witherspoon- Infinite Health and Healing

Kristi Churchvara

Kristie Wolfe, Tiny House on the Prairie

Kristin Alvestad

Kristin Offiler

Kristina Frost

Kristine McGilvray

Kristine Schoonmaker, Bold Dish

Kyla Wood, Transformation Mentor, Lighthouse Mentoring


Lanai Winter, BKIN/Bringing Kids Into Nature

Lara Dalch, Dalch Wellness

Lara Hastings

Larry Etling

Laura Beers, BailaWestside

Laura Cunitz, Knitting Nuances

Laura Darrell

Laura Fitzgibbons Photography

Laura Kelmelis,

Laura Livesey, The Confidence Kitchen

Laura McKenzie, Scale Investors (Australia)

Laura Newby

Laura Otermat

Laure Merlin,

Lauren Abbate

Lauren Bromberg, Sunshine YOUniversity

Lauren Byington

Lauren Chiarello, Chi Chi Life

Lauren Ebersol, The Fancy Hippie

Lauren Hash, Coachable Me

Lauren Kate Rosenblum

Lauren Lange

Lauren Lewis

Lauren Moores, Data Queen

Lauren Sergy, Up Front Communication


Lauri Raymond, SASS Dressings and Sauces

Laurie Crawford

Laurie Jakobsen, Jaybird Communications

Leanne J. Flask, Orchid Music Design

Lelania Kafiti, Energy Healer + Yoga Teacher

Lenore Millman

Leslie E. Isaacs McCoy, HLC Productions

Lia Molnar


Liane Pierce

Libby MacKenzie

Libby Thompson, all you can be psychology

Liene Stevens, The Splendid Foundation

Liesl Alice Gatcheco, muse+make


Lily Hayes Kaufman, ‘Rare Birds of Fashion’

Linda Fratantoni

Linda Modderkolk, Soul Summits

Linda Poindexter

Linda S. Montgomery

Lindsay Bayuk

Lindsay Hill, Lindsay Ann Artistry

Lindsay Nahmiache, Jive Communications

Lindsay Steffe, Figure 8 LTD

Lindsey Sullivan

Linette Voller

Linnea Dayton, Dayton Publishing

Lisa Angelo

Lisa Benedikte Greenquist

Lisa d. O’Brien

Lisa Fiema

Lisa Fletcher, Touch Architecture Inc.

Lisa Glanz

Lisa Guest

Lisa Hodges

Lisa Irby Favaro

Lisa Jellison

Lisa Joiner, Unveiled Wisdom

Lisa Kriga

Lisa Long – Love Yourself, Be Happy.

Lisa Luo

Lisa Margreet Payne, Oakcroft Organics

Lisa Marshall,, “Spread education and inspiration like wildfire. All you need to do is speak up“

Lisa McErlane Yao, TTI/Vanguard

Lisa Mink

Lisa Somar

Lisa Van Ahn, I Am Initiative

Livia Harper, FireFlow Publishing

Lizabeth Knight, Silver Siren

Lizzie C. Friend

Lizzie Z – Starstruckbooks

Lona Carter, Founder of Always About Horses

Loren Petrowski, Joy Kawai Consulting

Lori Bertazzon

Lori DiMaio

Lori Eagan

Lori Kennedy – The Wellness Business Academy

Lori Nash Byron, Famous in Your Field, Love Yourself Healthy

Lorna Hendry, landscape architect

Lorraine & Greg Marcel

Lorrie Brooks, Lorrie’s Petcare

Lorrie Stone

Lotti Brown, Lotti Brown Designs

Louis Reed, Call of Your WIld Woman

Louisa Levy


Lover of life!

Luciana Quinto

Lucienne Hinger Hubiak

Lucía Valencia-Dongo, DUHEM

Lukas Mathis

Lynda Corliss, MobiTen

Lynda Koekemoer, eFinIT

Lynda Taniguchi

Lynne Ferencik, Massachusetts

Lynnel Ross

Lynsey Longo, Lancers Design Studio

Lynsey Smyth

M L Melghem

Mackenzie Cutruzzula

Madeleine Mary – Dreamachine

maggie best

Maggie Pinzuti, Dreamer

Maja Svensson, ELSA AND ME

Majella Mark, Beau Exchange Inc.

Malaika Thorne, Terracentric Press

Malia Gonzales

Malina Fagan – Fagan Films LLC

Malissa McLaughlin


Mandy Ross, Mandy Ross Art Studio

Manya Williams


Marai Kiele, Joyful Together

Marc Guldimann

Marcia Taraschi

Margaret L. Henry

Marguerite Crespillo

Maria Aragon

Maria Dakas

Maria Islam, Halalify Planners

Maria Killam, Maria Killam Colour & Design

Maria Ross, Red Slice

Marianna Kerppola, Founder of BetterHope and Women Who Launch

Marianne Gillis, Author

Maribeth Romslo, Hello Sunshine Films

Maridee Nelson

Marie Forleo

Marie Ramos, Build It Fix It Construction

Mariella MacLiesh, Designer and Life Lover

Marika Salerno,

Marilyn Thuss

Marisa Cummings, Creative Thursday

Marisa Molina, Co-Founder of Hello Beautiful Health

Marj Weir, or Prep & Serve

Marsha Nieland

Marta Bilinska

Martha A. Villegas

Martha Ahrendt

Martha Hogge

Martina Wing, Ocean Wings Hawaii, Inc.

Mary Catherine George

Mary Crosse

Mary E McDonald

Mary Goldsmith, Certain Women

Mary Lou DeMarco-Goldy

Mary Maru, Mary Maru Design

Mary Perez

Mary Rumzie

MaryAlice Olson Bagwell

MaryAnne Gucciardi, Dragonwing girlgear

Mary-Elizabeth Harmon


Matt and Kristy Jewett

Matthew Hooks

Maureen Faul

Maureen Mastrocola

Max Alter, Local BusinessTV

Meg Haines

Megan Duley

Megan Isabella Design

Megan Schopieray, Red Bird Writing

Megan Welch

Meghan Correia

Mel Maschio, Whistler Wines

Melanie Chapman

Melanie Hiller

Melanie Muir, Melanie Muir Jewellery Design

Melanie Polkosky, PhD

Melinda Anter

Melissa Curran, Pixie Garden & Gifts

Melissa Fears-Henley, Emily Baker and Maya Baker

Melissa Hooper

Melissa Kirby

Melissa Meinke

Melissa Ng, founder of Lumecluster

Melissa Simpson

Melody C. Miller

meredith carty

Meredith Jankows

Mia Jamili

Micah Clasper-Torch, CityBird Registry

Michael Berger

michael ciccarelli, web developer

Michaela Anchan, Woolf Works (Singapore)

Michele DeLima, Write Transformation

Michele Eidam

Michele Kang

Michele Lynberg Black, Mountain Bird Designs

Michelle Bee, Bee Free Holistic Empowerment Center

Michelle Carden, CUSP Labs

Michelle Eve Hurwitz Burns,

Michelle Guelbart

Michelle Hamman, MotherTongues

Michelle Jacoby, DC Matchmaking

Michelle Johnson

Michelle Keating, Organised in Style

Michelle Loon, Jewelry Artist

Michelle Tu, Sassy Scientist & Active Dreamer

Michèle Voillequé

Mieke Thijssen, Exciting Steps

Miki Johnson, Job Portraits

Mildred Martinez

Mildred Stephens, Bashford Jewelry Founder & Creative Director

Millicent DePerio, Birchwood Care Group

Millie Santiago

Ming Min Hui

Mirian Bocija Sanchez

Mishan Afsari, Bohemian Greens

Misti Lusher

Mo Tipton, The Mouse Market

Moira Amado-McCoy, All Innovation

Mojca Marš, Super Spicy Media

Molly Brandt

Molly King, Live Your Dance

Monica Nuñez, MITTDreamTeam115

Monica Strobel

Monnique Reynes

Morgan Williams

Myranda McDaniel

N. A. Ellington


Nadine from

Nancy Meyer, LICSW

Nancy Park

Nancy West Johnson, Rampant Web Designs

Nanou Buttolo-Life coaching for Mothers

Naomi Arnold, Project Healthy Happy Me

Naomi Liddell

Nat Devo

Natalie Held

Natalie Wolff

Natalie, Women Techmakers

Natanya Sell

Natasha Domonkos,

Natasha Lakos, Natasha Lakos Creative

Nathalie Lussier,

Naturally Goode

Neda Rosaura Padilla

Nena Metcalf, Nena Metcalf Photography

Nicole G, Pharmacist Manager

Nicole Gallagher

Nicole Giordano, StartUp FASHION

Nicole Hartman

Nicole Lopez

Nicole M. Gelinas, Nicole M. Gelinas Coaching

Nihel Ayari


Niki Michalek

Nikki Gertner

Nikki Jackson

Nina Spaziani, Frisky Pony Apparel

Noel Jane Bourg, Phenomenal Jane Health

Noelle Sadinsky, GetBacktoBasix

Noury Buttry

Noëlla de Jager, Founder Good Place 2 Work

Nur-E Farhana Rahman, Knotty Gal

Nyk Danu

October Moore – Actor/Producer

Olivia Commune

Olivia Oldaker, White Lotus Tea Club

Otter Teng

Paige Baggett-Riggins

Paige Hewlett, Found in Kind

Pam Costa, PC Tutor Naples

Pam Smith

Pamela Brackett,

Pamela Englebert

Pamela J Lewis, Pillar Coaching

Pamela Maass Esq., Maass Legal

Paolo Gaudiano, Infomous

Pat Romboletti

Patrice Melluso, CMP

Patricia Jones

Patrick J Stern

Patrick Murphy, Emty Studios

Patti Shank PhD

Pattie Craumer

Paul Divis – Mex & Bags : Army Baseball

Paula Grieco

Paula M Warren

Penny vdB

Pete Orlando

Phoebe Hook

Pinar Djemil, CuriousMe Design

Piyawan Sarnseangaroon

Polka Dot Bride

Ponny Lam

Poornima Vijayashanker, Founder of Femgineer

Priya R. George, Power in Place

Puja Madan

Rachael Doherty

Rachael L. Jeffers

Rachael Monroe, Wystle

Rachael Schirano, Rachael Schirano Photography

Rachael Singer Henderson, Beachside Baby

Rachel Barber, NP

Rachel Braun Scherl, SPARK Solutions for Growth

Rachel Hills, author of The Sex Myth

Rachel James, She Stands For

Rachel Klein, Pure & Good Foods

Rachel Mathews

Rachel Roberts, Oyl + Water

Rachel Stover

Rachel Winston,

Rachel Ziegler

Raeanne Wright, LeftBrainWright LLC

Raegen C. Tully

Ralitsa Johnson

Randee Jo Stroud

Raven jewell

Ravit Radian – Women Sales coach


Rebecca Ashby

Rebecca Fonss

Rebecca Garcia, CoderDojo NYC Co-founder

Rebecca Mezoff

Rebecca Pattinson

Rebecca Van Damm, Major Love Event

Regina Davis Keene

Regina Orlando, Holistic Health Coach, CHC, HHC

Renee Baude

Renee Herskovitz, Team Made

Reno NV

Renée Cabourne

Rev. Natalie Moon-Wainwright

Rhonni DuBose, FestivalProse

Richard Emms

Rita Norton, Photo Organizer at Photovation

Rita Sengupta

Rita Ziman

Roberto A. Lleras

Robin Albin

Robyn Fottler

Robyn LaMont- ConsejoSano

Rosie Yakob, Co-Founder

Ruby Ku

Rukesh Patel (Lallipolaza)

Ruth Ann Harnisch

Ruth Fein & Joanne Yepsen, Critical Needs Now

Ruth Pankratz, Gabby Communications LLC

Ruth Polcari

S. Wright

Sabrina Jonkhoff

Sadia Hamidu, Curly Riot

Sahar Wahbeh, Dumyé Dolls

Sam Hunter

Samantha B

Samantha Bammes, Founder –

Samee Callahan

Sammi & Zoe Fitton, Future Bosses

Sandra Flear

Sara Dickison Taylor, Celebrate Life by Design, LLC

Sara Wilkinson

Sarah Belliotti

Sarah Cooley, Simply Curated

Sarah DeShaw

Sarah Devika Sumnauth, Urban Minerals

Sarah Ebner

Sarah Glowa-Kollisch

Sarah Green

Sarah Hague

Sarah Hook – Mind, Body + Soul Lifestyle Coach @ Hooked On High Vibes

Sarah Kaler, Founder of SoulPowered

Sarah MacLaughlin, LSW

Sarah Martin – Sarah E Martin Consultancy Ltd

Savana Vagueiro

Scott Simonsen

Serenity Hart

Shale Harris

Shalendra Johnson

Shamekko N. Early, SNE, LLC.

Shana preuett

Shane Morilon

Shanna Tellerman

Shannon DePalma

Shannon Torrence

Shannon Whalen


Sharee Cammon, Creative Call Marketing

Sharon Holand Gelfand

Shawna Scarpitti, artist and art therapist

Sheila Langan

Shelby Forsyth, Creative Workhorse

Shelby Kretz, 1girl

Shellie M. Brooks, The Bonding Hour, LLC.

Shelly Rawson, Naturally Nourished and Well


Sherry Strong – Return to Food

Sherí Taber, CEO, Marknet Web Consultants, Inc.

Shirley Gregoire McAlpine- International Systemic Coach, Consultant & entrepreneur working with Women Leaders globally

Shruti Sekhri, Rooted Self Expression Center

Sienna Aguilar

Sierra Barter, The Lady Project

Sierra Korthof, Sierra Lauren Design

Sigi Torinus

Siglia Diniz, TransformativIdeas founder

Sigrid Wellhausen

Sigrun Gudjonsdottir, business mentor @ Sigrun GmbH

Silvija Z Wolf

Sir Thomas, Wow Publishing, author, illustrator and supporter of the Divine Femine.

Sivan Sergott, Gemologist and co-owner of Treasures Over Time

Sofia Fay Benyahia, Proud Mum of Proud Daughters

Sofia Hultquist, Drum & Lace Music

Sonia Batra, Amway IBO

Sonia Mastros, Golf Goddess

Sonya Amrita Bibilos, Illuminated Wisdom

Sook Goh and Roslynn Tellvik, RAFT Syrups


Sophia Cacciola and Michael J. Epstein

Sophia Rosenthal, Rise and Shine! with Sophia


Stacey Sickler, feminist since the womb.

Stacey Thornberry

Stacy Dorius, Simply Resonate

Stacy Mayer

Stefanie dos Santos

Stefanie Tsabar,

Steffi Paepcke

Stella Demetriou, Chocolate and Caviar

Stephanie from Canada

Stephanie Olivieri

Stephanie Stiavetti,

Stephanie W. McCullough, Founder, Sofia Financial

Stephen Ballentine

Steve Paulsen, Awesome women empower us all!

Sunny B

Sunny Lake

Susan Barnard Fraser

Susan Brinton, Suebee Media

Susan Frazee

“Susan Mathison, MD

Catalyst Medical Center”

Susan McPherson, McPherson Strategies

Susan Plonka

Susan Schwartz, Mouse

Susie Monte, Drunk on Water

Susie Sourwine

Suzanne Hart, HealthGlobe

Suzanne Rozier

Suzanne Sweeney, EnergizeBody&Mind, LLC

Suzette Haile

Suzi Pomerantz, CEO of Innovative Leadership International

Suzi Reno

SuziMckee,Owner LiveWellFit Amarillo

Sylvia Torres, person10 Clothing

T. Adam


Tahnesha Wilson, Rawnature Face & Body

Talia Orencel

Tamar Knochel, Tamar Ministries, LLC.

Tamara DaCosta

Tammy Frederick, Simply Sing

Tania Amardeil

Tania Blanco, Mexikored.

Tania Mercer, Happy. Healthy. Hot.

Tanya Patxot Founder of Legacy Changers

Tara Reed, Tara Reed Designs Inc

Tara Topper

Tatiana Pechenik

Tatjana Kudla

Taylor Moody

Tearra Rhodes

Ted Wesley

Terri & Taylor Schmitt

Terri Hall, Owner, Terri Hall Coaching

Terry Brown

Terry Collins

Thavary Krouch

The Baltic Cupboard

The Buckstens

The Expressed Life

The Grommes Family

The Kickstarter Team

The Kurwigs

The Paulin Family

The seaner family

Theresa Berens, creative director at The Riveter

Theresa C. Davis

Theresa McDonough

Tieg Zaharia

Tiff Gilleland, TJG Creative

Tiffani Nichole Smith

Tiffany and Kylee Anders

Tina L. Harris

Toni & George Amequito

Toni Gatlin,

Tori Kayal, Product Designer/Illustrator Denver, CO

Tosha Smith, Gathering Branches Incorporated


Tracey B. Wilson

Tracey Reinke, Tracey Reinke Photography

Tracey Schmidt

Traci, Bue~T Botanicals

Tracie Behnke

Tracy Jackson,

Tracy Puhl,

Trish Fontanilla

Trish Noelle, kick-ass feminist and mum

Trish Smith

Trisha Cornell, Plant Awareness

True to Intention + Upside-Down Amanda

Valentina Valdes

Valerie Gilbert

Valerie Hunter, Creating Leadership

Vanessa A. Nicholas, Linden-Williams Design Studios

Vanessa Van Doren

Vanice Dunn

Vera Ocampo-Apitana,

Victoria Avi, SustainaCLE

Victoria Diaz, Original Me Inc.

Victoria Kennedy

Victoria Lisowski

Victoria Nightingale

Virginia Meagher

Viviana Soler, Alonso Sobrino

Vlada Terenina

Whitney Lauritsen,

Whitney Rife

Will Truong

Willow O’Feral

Wilma MacDonald,

Win Day, Creative Implementations


Wyokemia Joyner

Yadi Filipiak, Girls Mentoring Girls, Inc

Yasmin Mantey, Pip

Yuliya Falkovich

Yvette Chabrier, founder of Enlightened Beauty

Yvonne Potter, Yvonne Potter Interior Design

Zooey Purdy

Zuzana Zilkova

Zélia Randon, Zélia Randon