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Whether you’re climbing the corporate ladder or starting your own business we don’t often get a chance to revel in the stories of authentic, vulnerable, and ambitious women.

From balancing family life, to talking about self-sabotage, to women supporting other women- Dream, Girl shares 10 diverse stories with all the nuances of what it’s like to be a woman in business today. Host a panel discussion after the film to dive into the topics or themes in the film that resonate most with you. We provide a 24-page post screening Q&A discussion guidebook to help facilitate conversations after the film.


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The Dream, Girl cast at the premiere screening event of the film at the White House, May 2018.

The Dream, Girl cast at the premiere screening event of the film at the White House, May 2018.

Dream, Girl was produced by an all-female crew and was directed by feminist filmmaker Erin Bagwell. After being sexually harassed at her 9 to 5, Erin quit her job to launch a Kickstarter campaign to produce the film. She raised $100K in 30 days to produce Dream, Girl and two years later it premiered at Obama’s White House in May 2016.

Since the launch of the film Erin’s team has facilitated over 350+ movie screening events in over 60 different countries. It's the perfect event to ignite the women in your community to dream big, and we always say the best part of the night is the conversations that happen after the film about the challenges and triumphs women in the workplace face.

Let the stories in the film inspire your community to connect, share, and feel seen.


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angela buck
Ernst & young llp

We made it a “bring your daughter” event for our co-workers and clients, and everyone loved it. The film is motivational, and it’s great to see such a diverse group of female entrepreneurs and role models in the film.


Christine Anderson

Although we are a large corporation, the entrepreneurial spirit is encouraged and celebrated at Starbucks. We left the screening so energized about the role of women in driving innovation.  


Paco Arizmendi

The film was a very big eye-opener of the work that still needs to be done. Men should learn and will learn a lot from Dream, Girl.



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Dream, Girl Movie Screening Package Includes:

  • A one-time license to screen the film.

  • The Dream, Girl documentary on DVD or BluRay with an option for a digital download (60 min) 

  • A Digital Q&A guidebook to facilitate a panel discussion or round-table conversation after the film.

  • Marketing materials: social media graphics, behind the scenes photos to share, decks and one-pagers to help with securing event sponsors, and so much more.

  • A listing of your event and ticket link on our website.

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Diversity and inclusivity are a big part of company culture, but sometimes it's awkward, uncomfortable, or even painful to talk about. Which is why our corporate screenings are so powerful.

Let the stories in Dream, Girl do the work for you. Listen to the women in the film share how it feels to be underestimated, discriminated against, and what it’s truly like to be a woman in business today.

Then after the film, use their stories as a catalyst to open up the conversation and learn about what your company can do to be a more inclusive and inspiring place to work. 

For the last five years I've been immersed in the feminist community, traveled worldwide with the film, and spoken at NASA, TIME, and Goldman Sachs. My passion, inspiration, and motivation come from having these uncomfortable conversations about gender. Why? Because I was sexually harassed at the last job I worked for before Dream, Girl. I never want anyone to feel like the work they do doesn’t matter because of who they are, and am dedicated to making the workplace more inclusive through storytelling.

- Erin, director of Dream, Girl



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what women are saying about dream, girl

To celebrate Dream, Girl’s 1 year anniversary we asked fans what the film means to them.

Since the film's release in June 2016 the film has been hosted at over 350 screening events in over 60+ different countries. 

And we are just getting started. 



Dream, Girl Event FAQ:


What technology do I need to host an event?

When you purchase your screening license, we mail you a DVD or BluRay copy of Dream, Girl. The only technology you need to host your event is a DVD or BluRay player, a screen to show the film, and speakers to hear the audio.


Can I host multiple events with my screenings license?

Your purchase includes a one-time license for your screening which means you can host one event per license. If you are planning on showing the event more than once you can purchase multiple screening licenses.


Can I stream the film or host an online event?

You can not share the film online with your community. 


How long is the film?

62 minutes


Where can I host my event?

Our hosts have held events at movie theaters, yoga studios, conference rooms, and even in their living room. The venue is entirely up to you!


What is the best age group for Dream, Girl?

So far our biggest supporters have been women’s networking groups who want to share the film’s message with their community. However, we have had some amazing young ladies who have also deemed Dream, Girl their new favorite film. The best age group for Dream, Girl is anyone in grade 7 and up. The film follows five entrepreneurs at different stages of their careers, from a 84 year old on her third company to a 26 year old building her first start-up. Dream, Girl is meant to inspire the next generation of female leaders and empower today’s trailblazers to showcase the power of the female economy.


Can I make money on my event?

Dream, Girl does not take a percentage of ticket sales. We encourage you to charge for tickets or bring on sponsors to monetize your event.


What should I do after the screening?

We highly recommend holding a Q&A with local entrepreneurs from the area or bring in our director Erin Bagwell. When the lights go up at the end of the film your audience will want to connect, share, and feel seen so it's a great way to create the space to continue the conversation after the film. It's also a chance for you to plug your own work by leading the conversation with your community as the panel's moderator.

Our team has developed a 24-page Post Screening Q&A Guidebook with a list of questions that dig into the deeper aspects of the film. Whether it’s issues around self-care, paid maternity leave or personal experiences of feeling marginalized in the workplace, we encourage you to open up a dialogue after the film to engage the audience in the room.


Who else has hosted screenings?

Since Dream, Girl’s premiere, we’ve had events at the White House, NASA, Google, and Mailchimp but most of our screenings are hosted by women’s networking or entrepreneur groups. 


Is Dream, Girl a film men can identify with?

This may come as a surprise (or no surprise at all) but some of Dream, Girl’s biggest supporters are men. 

Dream, Girl is a film for women and men alike. If you are looking for an event to promote gender awareness in the workplace, or just looking to enlighten your favorite group of guys on what it’s like to build a business through our eyes Dream, Girl is a perfect film to spark a dialogue off the personal stories of our five main characters. After attending an event during our launch, Adrian Hopkins wrote all about what he learned from the documentary!


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