Who I Really Made Dream, Girl for

When I was in high school I felt really lost.

In between musical theater, basketball practice, and hanging out with my best friend Molly I suffered from depression throughout my senior year.

Looking back, I was overwhelmed- by who I wanted to be in the world, the fear of the unknown, and the anxious anticipation of starting a new chapter in college. I also felt angry at the gender stereotypes I was feeling pressure to conform to, but couldn’t yet name.

I felt deeply unseen in the media but started to find my confidence and my voice through making and editing videos. Whether it was for a school project or just for fun with my friends, I became obsessed with recording music videos, skits, and stories to share.

Being in control of the narrative, and projecting a new idea of what it means to be a young woman not only gave me a sense of purpose, at a time when I was unsure of myself, it saved my life.

Which is why sharing the film with young people always makes me emotional. I see my journey through their eyes, and want them to know that no matter what they are facing or feeling, they will come out the other side a warrior.

The big dreams you have in your heart aren’t just fleeting thoughts but deep roots you were born to manifest.

Which is why May 9th, with the help of our high school and college Dream, Girl Ambassador’s we will share the film online- for free, and for all to see.

Our in-person screening events will continue to inspire a dialogue about gender equality and inclusivity in the workplace, but the time has come for us to take our movement to the next level.

I made this movie for the high school version of myself- a sensitive artist who wanted to know it was okay to be ambitious, to want to be your own boss, and definitely didn’t want to follow the rules.

The time has come for her to unleash, and take on the world.



Erin Bagwell