Meet Komal & Dream, Girl at Cannes


Greetings Dreamers

The past few months have been such an exciting whirlwind – I have so much to tell you! After the launch of our trailer last March we have been deep into editing-mode and dreaming big about our world premiere in the fall. We have started strategizing our tour for the film – and if you are interested in seeing Dream, Girl play at a theater or organization near you please don’t hesitate to reach out to to learn how you can host your own event for the film.

I am also stoked to announce that we have hired a second editor, Francesca Kustra to help me with the post production process. Some of you may already know Francesca from our Meet the Crew video as she was also on our on-set production team. Since she came on board at the beginning of last week we have been crushing these interviews! We also moved into a brand new office that’s currently covered with our entrepreneur’s photos, storyboards, and insane post-it notes about the screenplay. If you are ever in the FiDi feel free to stop by and say hi!

Last, but certainly not least I am super excited to introduce to you for the first time (although I’m sure most of you have seen her face and tweets across our social media) my fabulous co-producer and friend Komal Minhas.

Komal, who also happens to be in our film’s trailer, was drawn to the documentary because she was passionate about seeing the film come to life. At first she came on to help with our partnerships but as she became more invested in the film and our mission her role evolved into a full time producer. Aside from killing it in our game-changing distribution plan, she has become an amazing source of inspiration and support for me in this journey. Having her by my side means I get to be more creative, and spend even more time in post sinking my soul into making this film the best it can be.

I am so honored to have her part of our team and ecstatic that one of our backers, Grace McPhillips, who met Komal at Sundance this year, invited her to be part of an exciting panel discussion hosted by HP about women filmmakers at the CANNES FILM FESTIVAL THIS MAY (dancing emojis).

Komal, who was interviewed here by HP for the panel will be representing the #dreamteam on May 19th. 

Also, because we are video producers we couldn’t resist creating a video of our own to introducer her!

Thats all for now, but I have more to share with you in the next week or so stay tuned!



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by ErinErin Bagwell