When I graduated from college everyone told me if I wanted to work in the film industry I would have to move to L.A. But in my heart I knew NYC was the only place I’ve ever lived that felt like home.

So eight years ago I packed up my life and moved into a tiny Brooklyn apartment with three girls to chase my dream of making a movie.

Moving to New York was the best decision I ever made, and buying my first Mac was probably the second.

Whether it’s editing Dream, Girl, designing my e-book Creative Money, or blogging for Feminist Wednesday, my Mac gives me the confidence to create work that’s professional, personal, and powerful.

I couldn’t be prouder to represent Brooklyn in Apple’s new Behind the Mac campaign.


Five years ago I was walking home from the Barclays Center with my husband Sal with tears streaming down my face.

At the time, I was working at my 9 to 5 and being sexually harassed at my job. I was unsure what to do but knew in my heart I needed to make a change. It was on that long, rainy walk home that Sal and I talked through next steps, and I found the courage to take the leap and quit my job.

After that day my life changed forever. I went on to raised $100K on Kickstarter to produce, direct, write, and edit Dream, Girl the documentary showcasing the stories of inspiring and ambitious female entrepreneurs. Dream, Girl was created by an all-female crew, premiered at Obama’s White House in 2016, and for the the last two years has given me the enormous privilege to travel around the world, speaking alongside the film and hearing women’s stories.


Yesterday, I took the train home from the Barclays Center and this time, my photos from Apple’s Behind the Mac campaign were on the station walls, covering every inch of the terminal. I cried and zombie-walked through the halls in shock. I FaceTimed my favorite people and thought about how different my life would be five years ago if I hadn’t quit my job to follow my heart.

But taking the leap doesn’t seem that scary when you’ve got all the tools and support you need to make it happen. And thanks to Apple, my creative journey has been accessible and affordable. You don’t need a full editing suite, production studio in L.A., or a million dollar budget to make a documentary. You need a vision, the resilience to hustle like hell, and a Mac to make it all come to life.

Having this computer has given me the ability to execute and produce the film of my dreams and it’s an honor to be part of this tribe of creatives representing Brooklyn in the new campaign.


apple event at bam

It was surreal and thrilling to hear Tim Cook talk about the power of creatives with my #BehindTheMac photo serving as backdrop at BAM. Thank you Apple for championing the stories of artists and uplifting my work with Dream, Girl.

Click here to watch the keynote - I’m featured at 1:19:39.